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Brenda is an experienced companion and provider of many talents. Specializing in romance, excitement, and the most delicate forms of intimacy. Her genuine adoration of ladies makes her the ideal companion for ladies.

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Stats  &  Other  Info

Age:               26

Ethnicity:       Black

Education:  .   Bachelor's

Bust Size:       38HHH

Height:           5'3

Weight:          215 lbs.

Msmnts:         39"- 29"- 40"

Shoe Size:      10.5W/11W

Tattoos:          Several

Piercings:       Brow, Ears, Nose

Abilities:        Multi-instrumentalist, Athlete

Interests:     Extreme sports, gardening, painting, playing music, watching documentaries, reading theory/non-fiction, intense foreplay, woodwork, radical art.

Favorite Flowers:           Queen of the night (tulip), Black cranesbill, bearded Iris, mourning widow, Amaryllis.

Favorite Frangrances:    Creed Aventus, Outlaw Cologne, Bad Boy by Carolina